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The REDFOX 700 Line is a professional solution that fully meets the standard requirements for technical and functional parameters and user comfort. The REDFOX 700 is smart solution for hotel, restaurants, bistros, cafes and self-service restaurants with a daily capacity up to 300 meals per day.




Top plates of the REDFOX 700 line modules are made of AISI 304 steel with thickness of 1,2 mm. Units are certified with IPX4, especially due to the control knob and switches protection. There is a possibility to choose modules of different size 400, 800 or 1200 mm width. To meet a good hygiene requirements, our line is protected with a stainless steel lamella, preventing food from getting in between the modules, same as connecting them together. All parts for connection are placed on the back of the devices for easy installation. REDFOX 700 line can be placed along the wall or as a central block. It is also possible to combine with the line REDFOX 900 ´back to back´ in order to have a variable two-sided line.

  • Electric cooking ranges
  • Gas cooking ranges
  • Electric cooking ranges with oven
  • Gas cooking ranges with oven
  • Electric griddle plates
  • Gas griddle plates
  • Gas lava stone grills
  • Electric fryers
  • Electric pasta cookers
  • Electric and gas bratt pans
  • Neutral work tops