World-class kitchen solutions. For real professionals.

Product line RM represents the state of the art equipment for hotels, restaurants or pizzerias, factory and school canteens, and other large professional kitchens. RM products offer innovative technology and functions, exceptional performance and excellent design even for front cooking concepts. We guarantee high endurance, peak quality and reliability.

Product line REDFOX represents quality, professional and highly functional products and services for smaller hotels, restaurants, small pizzerias, fast food establishments, bistros, eateries and gastro-operations of all types. REDFOX Products offer modern, practical and reliable solutions with a high utility value. They guarantee excellent functionality, endurance and European quality for a great price.


Our product offer for international markets:

  • REDFOX 600 snack cooking line
  • RM 700 premium cooking line
  • REDFOX 700 cooking line
  • REDFOX 900 cooking line
  • REDFOX pizza ovens
  • REDFOX bakery and confectionery ovens
  • REDFOX snack appliances
  • RM electric bain marie trolleys
  • Stainless steel equipment