World-class kitchen solutions. For real professionals.


We are RM Gastro. Recognised European manufacturers of professional kitchen equipment.

We rely on extensive experience gained on the market since 1994, the skills of our employees, our own development and manufacturing faciliti es, and especially our partnerships with suppliers, business partners and satisfied customers. Because of this, we are able to offer premium technology, precision workmanship, quality materials and unbeatable service. We always provide sophisticated turnkey solutions and world-class care that is necessary when designing professional kitchens.

Chefs in all types of kitchens rely on our gastronomic technologies. From fast food, through pizzerias, bars, cafes, pastry shops, restaurants, hotels, racing and school canteens to food shops. Each kitchen is unique, but our passion for detail and emphasis on quality embraces all of them.



Our offer for international markets

In cooperation with our business partners we offer in every country what our customers need. On international markets we provide our product under two product lines.

RM product line represents the state of the art equipment for hotels, restaurants or pizzerias, factory and school canteens, and other large professional kitchens. RM products offer innovative technology and functions, exceptional performance and excellent design even for front cooking concepts. We guarantee high endurance, peak quality and reliability.
REDFOX product line represents quality, professional and highly functional products and services for smaller hotels, restaurants, small pizzerias, fast food establishments, bistros, eateries and gastro-operations of all types. REDFOX Products offer modern, practical and reliable solutions with a high utility value. They guarantee excellent functionality, endurance and European quality for a great price.


Our product portfolio for international markets:

  • REDFOX 600 snack cooking line
  • RM 700 premium cooking line
  • REDFOX 700 cooking line - NEW!
  • REDFOX 900 cooking line
  • REDFOX pizza ovens
  • REDFOX bakery and confectionery ovens
  • REDFOX snack appliances
  • RM electric bain marie trolleys
  • Stainless steel equipment


Our production

We guarantee state-of-the-art quality, exceptional workmanship and high practical and aesthetic value in every kitchen we produce because we design and manufacture them ourselves. Since 1998, our production facilities have been in operation in Veselí nad Lužnici (CZ) providing:

  • Modern production technology in an area of 7 700 m2
  • Organisation of production and system of solutions based on quality
  • Our own development and innovation centre
  • Adherence to all ecological standards
  • Characteristic certification according to the relevant norms
  • More than 70 000 products manufactured annually


Where can you find us?

Our satisfied customers in more than 50 countries use our products and solutions. The international customers are treated by international sales department in Veseli nad Luznici (CZ) in cooperation with business partners in each country. The customer care in Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia is realized by our sales divisions in Prague (CZ), Ustron (PL) and Nove Mesto nad Vahom (SK) and our partners.


Why choose us?

  • We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products, services and professional solutions
  • We create professional tailor-made kitchens based on the needs of our clients
  • We use the most modern technology
  • We offer functional and attractive designs and guarantee state-of-the-art products
  • We enjoy providing advice and taking care of all of our customers
  • We have a strong and competent sales team and an extensive network of business partners
  • We deliver our products, services and replacement components quickly and on time – we always have a basic assortment in stock
  • We are a solid, responsible and stable business partners
  • We behave with respect to our surrounding environment
  • We have been active on the market since the year 1994